• How to Ditch Hormonal Birth Control eGuide + Cycle Charting Handout & Hormone Questionnaire

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    If you’ve been thinking about coming off the pill (which I highly recommend you do) it’s time to do it now! Especially if you’d like to conceive in the future, lose weight, heal your PCOS and balance your hormones. The pill DOES NOT balance hormones and in fact, shuts down how your ovaries function. It’s time to ditch the pill and I’ll give you the exact steps to coming off of it naturally, so that you don’t experience side effects. Plus, you’ll get hooked up with extra hormonal balancing handouts, charts and information to support your amazing body. 

    Here's what's included:

    • A Step by step guide to ditching hormonal birth control
    • An exact supplement protocol to supporting your hormones
    • An understanding of how the pill (and other hormonal contraceptives) are imbalancing your hormones and body)
    • My Healthy Hormone Questionnaire - so you can determine exactly which hormones are out of balance
    • Cycle Charting Handout - so you can track your temperature, ovulation and monitor your menstrual cycle. Helpful for conceiving or avoiding pregnancy. 
    • Basal Body Temperature Chart - teaching you exactly how to track your BBT for determining ovulation

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