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    A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away and that’s just what this 21-Day Smoothie Detox eGuide can do for you! From improving gut health, to balancing blood sugar and hormones, increasing energy and improving overall health, smoothies are extremely beneficial for your health. 

    Included in this detox eguide are 21 detoxifying smoothie recipes that help to support liver detoxification and rid your body of unwanted toxins. From improved energy to clearer skin, you’ll reap the many detoxifying benefits from including these nutrient dense smoothie recipes into your diet.

    You’ll learn my smoothie building basics, which will help to guide you in building the best smoothie ever! Plus, you’ll learn the benefits of adding in superfoods, herbs and spices to your smoothies or juices with my favorite smoothie booster list.

    Recipes included are:

    • Blueberry Stress Buster
    • Gingerbread Cookie
    • Kidney Nourishing Smoothie
    • Cilantro Mango Detox
    • Red Velvet Smoothie
    • Tropical Turmeric Elixer
    • Cacao Mint Green Love
    • And many more!


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